Our Curriculum

Schedules and lesson plans of the month are posted in each classroom. Lesson plans are done with intentional learning in mind. Teachers have a theme for the month to work off of, but also individualize the daily activities to fit the development of each child. The progress of your child is very important to us. Our teachers communicate daily with all of the parents as they drop off and/or pick up their child. We encourage you to get to know the staff and build up a rapport with your child’s teachers.

Because we believe that children learn by “doing”, we often have activities where children are allowed to explore new and different materials. We respectfully request that parents dress their children comfortably in “play” clothes. Getting messy is a natural part of childhood and the children and teachers can enjoy the day more if they do not have to worry about soiling a special outfit.

Each classroom area will go outdoors at least once a day, weather permitting. Each child attending must have appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather. In the fall/winter/spring, parents must bring appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Boots, snow pants, heavy jackets, hats, and water-proof mittens are a must every day in the winter.

Each classroom area has a time reserved especially for Jesus time.  Our primary message for all age groups is to learn about the love of Jesus and how we can share that love with others in all we do. We incorporate the “One in Christ Curriculum” as a basis for teaching the children about Jesus.  We also provide daily Jesus time for the 3 and 4 year old children on our campus in the adjacent elementary school. Please speak with the director, the school principal or the pastor regarding any questions you may have about Our Father’s Ev. Lutheran Church, School & Childcare.