Cross Country

img_7350 img_7351 img_7352 img_7353 img_7354 img_7355 img_7356 img_7357 img_7358 img_7359 img_7360Girls running Go Go Go Boys running Go Run Go Way to Go Alright Almost there Way to Go 2 img_7212 img_7213 img_7214 img_7215 img_7216 img_7217 img_7218 img_7219 img_7220 img_7221 img_7222 img_7223 img_7224Way to go Cross Country team! We had a great meet at Milwaukee Lutheran.  We saw runners with a good pace and a strong finish! We are very proud of each one of you! The runners did well with the field and course at Grace, Oak Creek. The rainy evening at Martin Luther went great with all runners doing awesome. It is great to see all of team encouraging and cheering each other on. Congratulations team on a great year! Our final meet at Lake Country High was a new course route and the kids did awesome and finished strong. Way to go!

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What a great season we had! Thank you to all the parents for your support, transportation, and cheerleading! It was great to see parents stick around and cheer on all the members of the team. Good job to the runners who pushed themselves and kept on running. We are proud of your efforts!